International project “Loborfest” starts with the goal of preserving the original Zagorje music, music of the alpine geographic backgrounds, music of polka and waltz as part of Zagorje, and also Croatian cultural heritage.

The idea was developed from our traditional event, “Janine”, which is already 6 years held in Lobor in the week of St. Ana (the protector of the parish and municipalities Lobor) and thus brings together people of all Zagorje and beyond. The event is of a culture and fun character and is very well visited. Four years, as part of the event, the review of music composition is held, which each year brings together 15 bands from the north-western Croatia that promotes Zagorje and “oberkrainer” music. It is this review, but an appearance in neighboring Slovenia and Austria on similar festivals too, which aroused a desire in us to turn this events into something more beautiful, richer, wider. For this purpose, Lobor-based association called “Loborfest” was established, whose founders are working continuously for a year and a half on the implementation of this project. Festival “Loborfest” is of an international character, adn in the future it will be held on weekends before the event “Janine”.

The duration of the festival is designed in two days. The first day (Saturday) will be conducted with the country or the partner city with the presentation of cultural traditions and economy of town or region from which the partner comes. The second day (Sunday) is the day of the festival, which begins at 01:00 pm. After the festival, committee decides on the winner of the audience and the professional jury, with an appearance of attractive ensembles from the alpine climate and entertainment for all lovers of this type of music. Through this project we want to come together with people and countries that promotes this type of music, and thus set the foundations of a healthier European climate and future economic ties and relations.

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