4. LOBORFEST 24.06.2012.



invites contributions in a


for original compositions by performing music groups from the regions of Hrvatsko Zagorje, north-western Croatia, and western Europe that will be presented at the 4. festival LOBORFEST 2012. in Lobor, on 24.06.2012.

The festival will feature compositions that have been entered for the competition and have been selected for presentation by an expert panel of judges. The competition will commence on the date of its announcement in the media and the judges will consider only contributions that have reached their office no later than 02.04.2012.

Competition guidelines:

  • festival will feature two (2) types of compositions: one original composition with no prior on-air
  • or festival performance
  • one adapted (traditional or more recent) composition in the kajkavian dialect  or in the language of its author’s country of origin
  • original compositions have to be:
  1. vocals and instrumentals, song lyrics in the kajkavian dialect or in the language of the author’s country of origin
  2. polka or waltz rhythm, with the typical “oberkreiner” character, and performed with instruments that are characteristic for this style of music
  3. not to exceed 3’30” minutes in length and are to include
  4. drums and electronic equipment are not warranted
  • baritone is to be included, ideally, in at least one of the compositions’ performances
  • compositions will be presented at the festival in a live-performance
  • authors and performing artists are expected to waive their authorship rights for the performance of their compositions at the festival – including live, on-air and on-screen presentations as well as radio and TV taping;  they will retain all other authorship rights.
  • entering the competition authors automatically vouch for the originality of their work and their authorship

Registration should include:

  1. Demo – or – final studio master recording with vocals.
  2. Song lyrics in triplicate – each copy signed by the author of the text, music and musical arrangement.
  3. Signed music score with text entries.
  4. Performing artists’ short biography and contact person data (name, address, phone, E-mail).

All contributions will be screened, evaluated and the candidates will be subsequently notified of the  selection results. The finalists whose compositions have been included in the program will be required to send their final studio recording to the festival organisers by 14.05.2012.


For further information:

www.loborfest.com info@loborfest.com

Mob1:  +385 (0)99 311 2222

Mob2  +385 (0)91 311 2222

Mob3  +385 (0)99 234 3309